Customer Relations Rules Application Database

This database is a must have tool for regulatory departments, customer service departments, and billing personnel. Any carrier that does its own billing will find it indispensable. Telecom companies now have instant access to reports and summaries of changing rules and regulations at their fingertips.

Reduce complaints and risks of non-compliance. Understand existing credit, billing, and disconnection rules in each state and recurring customer notice requirements. Enjoy menu driven sort and report creation features in this HTML database. TMI’s Customer Relations Rules App is a comprehensive database containing consumer protection and billing rules in each state and at the FCC as they apply to telecom providers. The Customer Relations Rules App includes public utility/public service commission rules applicable to CLECs, ILECs, IXCs, and OSPs.

All entries in the App are quoted verbatim from the actual rule or statute text. Information is clearly identified as pertaining to ILECs, IXCs, OSPs, or CLECs and Residential or Business customers. Appropriate rule citations are provided.

This database Application enables you to understand credit, deposit, advance payment policies,  and conditions for disconnection of service. Each state’s requirements for bill form and content, billing frequency and the handling of billing inquiries and payment disputes are included. 

The App also includes quick reference tables for deposits, late payment interest, and non-deniable charges.

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Download a Snapshot of the Customer Rules Database

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