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Position your local products to your best business advantage. With our Rates Database, you can quickly locate key ILEC Rate Elements for basic local services and easily compare rate elements across multiple carriers/jurisdictions. Identify and verify costs to maximize margins. Improve competitive position while maintaining current staffing levels.

Save valuable research hours and increase efficiency, allowing your focus to remain on critical business decisions and market expansion. Create detailed reports for distribution in-house for your pricing evaluations, cost auditing, margin analysis, and more. Data easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet format. Historical rates help you identify the progression of changes and trends.

Rates are updated frequently and the Database includes a detailed tracking chart with links to supporting documentation. Our dedicated subject matter experts provide rapid response to questions.

Local Calling information provided includes a listing of local calling areas, Mandatory EAS routes, and Rate group designations.

Rate Elements (and Product Codes where available) included in the Database:

  • Monthly line and usage charges for Residential and Business lines and PBX trunks
  • Service installation and order charges
  • FCC EUCL, PIC change charges, and USF
  • Hunting
  • Custom Calling/CLASS features and feature packages
  • Toll Restriction and operator screening
  • Operator intercept
  • IntraLATA usage rates/Operator service charges
  • Directory Assistance, including call allowances
  • Directory Listings

Resale discounts are provided where available. Additional features allow you to calculate costs and identify best pricing options to maximize your cost to profit margin.


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