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"The consultants and support staff at TMI feel a tremendous sense of responsibility and loyalty toward our clients. We work hard to keep them in compliance with cost-effective strategies and services, because we know that what we do affects their bottom line -- and we want them to succeed and thrive."

Sharon Thomas,
Consultant and Vice President

Each of TMI's consultants brings a wealth of telecommunications industry experience from a variety of disciplines. TMI's consultants typically have 20+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, with expertise in a variety of areas, including:

  • utility regulation
  • economic analysis
  • marketing
  • costing and pricing
"A deep understanding of wholesale costs, and the complexity of carrier-to-carrier relations, is key to the financial fitness of our clients.”

Carey Roesel,
Vice President

Consultants and associates plan products and regulatory strategies; prepare and file applications, tariffs, and tariff revisions; assist in review and negotiation of Interconnection Agreements; and help our clients comply with state and federal rules and regulations.

To maximize results efficiently and economically, Consultants' individual areas of expertise can be pooled to expedite solutions. 



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