CLEC Switched Access Rate Cap Summary

Recommended for any telecom service providers who are considering establishing their own switched rates, or who need to estimate or validate network costs.

Avoid access disputes and regulatory problems. The CLEC Switched Access Rate Cap Summary provides subscribers with valuable assistance in identifying where rate caps exist for switched access services charged by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (“CLEC”).

Convenient links include:

  • Intrastate rates 
  • Dominant ILEC Interstate switched access rates 
  • Also includes “Source” links to the supporting regulatory documentation, such as a Commission Rule or Statute. 

Rate worksheets contain FGB/FGD DS1 premium switched access rates. Each worksheet is divided into three major sections:

TMI has created this useful tool to assist in calculating a composite rate using a CLEC pricing structure.
  • Per Minute Access Charges
    Includes Carrier Common Line, Switched Transport, Local Switching, and other miscellaneous elements.
  • Total One Minute Call
    Contains the calculated originating and terminating rates for a one minute call based on certain mileage and minutes of use inputs or defaults.
  • Other Access Charges
    Includes other charges related to switched access service, such as Local Number Portability Query, 800 call origination and more!

Download a Sample CLEC Switched Access Rate Cap Summary

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