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The Regulatory Mix – Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Today’s Regulatory Mix:  Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Includes $65 Billion For Broadband,  Federal Data Privacy Legislation Introduced,  NLAD Enhancements 

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Includes $65 Billion For Broadband 

The White House and the bipartisan group of senators who have been working on the bipartisan infrastructure framework unveiled last month announced a final agreement on the details of the package. The Senate voted 67-32 to take the first procedural step toward debating the measure supported by all 48 Democrats, two independents and 17 Republicans on this first procedural vote.

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The Regulatory Mix – Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Today’s Regulatory Mix:  FCC Opens Second E-Rate Funding Window, GAO Report on E-Rate Program Fraud,  US Senate Hearing On Data Privacy Legislation

FCC Entrance Feb 2020 ShutterstockFCC Opens Second E-Rate Funding Window

The FCC announced the opening of a second funding year 2020 filing window to allow schools to request additional E-Rate funding specifically to address increased on-campus bandwidth needs due to COVID-19.  Read More

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