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The Regulatory Mix – Friday, May 7, 2021

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Today’s Regulatory Mix: New York Investigation Alleges Campaign to Influence FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules, Nebraska Enacts Broadband Funding Law, CCA Urges FCC to Reconsider RDOF Awards   


oag_sealNew York Investigation Alleges Campaign to Influence FCC’s 2017 Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules 

The New York Office of Attorney General (OAG) released a statement and report detailing the results of an investigation into fake, public comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission in a 2017 proceeding to repeal net neutrality rules. Read More

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The Regulatory Mix – Monday, November 2, 2020

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Today’s Regulatory Mix:  USDA Announces Additional Broadband Funding, GAO Report on FCC USF High Cost Program


Country BroadbandUSDA Announces Additional Broadband Funding

The USDA announced additional broadband funding in Oklahoma, New York, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Virginia. Read More

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