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Today:  US House IoT Act, FCC Reminder About Backup Power, FCC Broadband Conversations Podcast



US House IoT Act

The House of Representatives passed, by voice vote, H.R. 6032, the SMART IoT Act, authored by House Energy and Commerce Committee #SubDCCP Chairman Bob Latta (R-OH) and Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT). H.R. 6032 directs the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a study on the state of the internet-connected devices industry. 


FCC Reminder About Backup Power

The FCC has reminded providers of facilities-based fixed residential voice services that are not line-powered  that, as of February 13, 2019, they must offer for sale to subscribers at least one option that provides a minimum of twenty-four hours of standby backup power for customer premises equipment. 

In 2015, the FCC adopted an order requiring fixed service providers to offer subscribers at least one option with 8 hours of standby backup power and to offer a 24-hour option after three years (i.e., by February 13, 2019). 

The FCC also reminded fixed service providers under the FCC’s rules they are also required to disclose the following information to subscribers at the point of sale and annually thereafter:

  • Availability of backup power sources;
  • Service limitations with and without backup power during a power outage;
  • Purchase and replacement options;
  • Expected backup power duration;
  • Proper usage and storage conditions for the backup power source;
  • Subscriber backup power self-testing and monitoring instructions; and
  • Backup power warranty details, if a warranty is offered.

Inteserra Briefing Service subscribers see Briefings dated 8/12/15 and 10/16/15.


FCC Broadband Conversations Podcast

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel announced the release the latest episode of her podcast, Broadband Conversations.  The newest episode features Iris Bohnet, Professor, Co-director of the Women and Public Policy Program, and Academic Dean of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  In this episode, Commissioner Rosenworcel and Bohnet discuss her latest research and shares “best evidence” on strategies that can help technology companies close the gender gap.  The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Google Play, and the FCC.

Rosenworcel said: “[w]e know that women hold almost half of all jobs but just a quarter of jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields.  On this episode listeners will get to hear Professor Bohnet’s take on her latest research working with technology companies to help them increase opportunities for women in their ranks.  We need more research like this and I am thrilled listeners will get to hear Professor Bohnet discuss her ideas and solutions.”


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