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f0c6f02d5d3b8f6b340468aa12b9eb1eNew Hampshire Enacts Bill Calling for Study on 5G Technology

A recently enacted bill calls for the creation of a Commission to study the environmental and health effects of 5G technology.  The Commission’s study will include earlier generation technologies as well.  The purpose of the study is to examine the advantages and risks associated with 5G technology, with a focus on its environmental impact and potential health effects, particularly on children, fetuses, the elderly, and those with existing health compromises.

The Commission is tasked with creating and publishing a Report about, among other things, the advantages and possible risks associated with 5G and legacy technologies.  The interim Report is due to be submitted to the state legislature on or before November 1, 2019, with a final report due November 1, 2020. 





The Regulatory Mix Today: New Hampshire Enacts Bill Calling for Study on 5G Technology, FTC Debuts New Web Page with Interactive Do Not Call and Robocall Data




FTC bldgFTC Debuts New Web Page with Interactive Do Not Call and Robocall Data

In a press release, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the debut of a new interactive public web page containing a wealth of information (updated quarterly) about the National DNC Registry and unwanted telemarketing robocalls.  The page allows consumers to search the data interactively, for example, by clicking on a specific state or county.  In the past, similar DNC and robocall complaint data was only available to the public annually in the FTC’s Do Not Call Data Book.

Consumers can now access reports about the number of DNC and robocall complaints filed from their state and see how that information compares with complaints filed by consumers in other states or nationally.  Users also can do specific searches to determine what types of telemarketing calls consumers are reporting, such as live calls versus robocalls. In addition, because consumers often specify the type of telemarketing call they are reporting, users can explore the database by topic.   Finally, the new page will let users search for the types of calls that are currently prompting the most complaints to the Commission, and track the complaints over time to look for trends in the data.



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