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FCC Shield-2FCC Seeks Comment on Effectiveness of Tribal Engagement Guidelines 

The FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB) is seeking comment on how best to facilitate and improve dialogue and coordination between Tribes and Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs) to ensure successful broadband deployment and adoption on Tribal lands.  It notes that all ETCs that receive high-cost support in conjunction with service to Tribal lands have an annual Tribal engagement obligation which is designed to foster greater coordination and collaboration between high-cost recipients and the Tribes they serve. In 2012, the FCC released a Tribal Engagement Further Guidance which was intended to help facilitate these discussions.  The CGB is now seeking to access the effectiveness of this Guidance based on the practical experiences of Tribes and carriers.   It seeks comment on specific steps the FCC can take or recommend to assist parties with their engagement efforts, as well as any best practices that have been developed.  Comments are due by December 5, 2019; reply comments can be filed January 6, 2020.  





The Regulatory Mix Today: FCC Seeks Comment on Effectiveness of Tribal Engagement Guidelines, Georgia Seeks Comment on Cost Allocation Rules for EMCs Offering Broadband Services




GAPSCsealGeorgia Seeks Comment on Cost Allocation Rules for EMCs Offering Broadband Services 

The Georgia Public Service Commission has issued a Notice of Inquiry seeking comment on implementation of the cost allocation requirements of Georgia Senate Bill 2.  See the Regulatory Mix dated 5/7/19.   That bill allows electric membership corporations (EMCs) to engage in certain activities in order to facilitate the provision of broadband services.  It also gives the Commission jurisdiction over EMCs that have broadband affiliates that provide retail broadband services as well as the broadband affiliates themselves.  An EMC that has a broadband affiliate that provides retail broadband service is required to develop and maintain a cost allocation manual, which must be approved by the Commission.   The Commission seeks comment on five specific questions regarding potential cost allocation rules, including affiliated transaction rules and how complaints should be handled.  A Notice of Intent to Submit Comments must be filed by October 25, 2019; comments are due by November 15, 2019. 






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