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Rosenworcel photo casual podcastFCC’s Rosenworcel Releases New Podcast

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel announced the release of a special episode of her podcast, Broadband Conversations.  The episode was recorded in front of a live audience and features Congresswoman Sharice Davids and Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer. Both women serve on the Small Business Committee and both have also made history; Davids is the first openly LGBTQ Kansan elected to Congress and one of the first female Native Americans elected to Congress in our nation’s history. Iowa Congresswoman Finkenauer has also made history by being among the youngest women ever elected to Congress and just this year, became the youngest woman to pass legislation in Congress.

Rosenworcel said: “It was an honor to talk to Congresswomen Davids and Finkenauer—two women who have made history and who are working hard to break down barriers for women across the country. Together, we talked about how access to capital, starting companies while paying off student loans, or securing a broadband connection can keep female entrepreneurs from getting their businesses off the ground,” said Commissioner Rosenworcel. “Women are driving their communities and our economy forward. I’m excited to continue to work with Congresswomen Davids and Finkenauer to ensure that any woman who wants to start the next big thing online or open a business on Main Street, has the tools necessary to do so.”




The Regulatory Mix Today: FCC's Rosenworcel Releases New Podcast, FCC Form 396-C Filing Reminder for MVPDs, FCC 911 Reliability Certification System Open



FCC Form 396-C Filing Reminder for MVPDs

The FCC has reminded multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) that they must file with FCC Form 396-C, MultiChannel Video Programming Distributor EEO Program Annual Report, by September 30, 2019.  The form is for employment units with six or more full-time employees.  In addition, certain MVPDs also will be required to complete portions of the Supplemental Investigation Sheet (SIS) located at the end of the Form.  The Public Notice contains a list of MVPD units that must submit the SIS with their 2019 filings.  If a unit is not on this list, it does not need to complete the SIS this year.  When units on the list attempt to file Form 396-C electronically, those filers will see a check in the box on Section I of the electronic version of the form next to the statement “Supplemental Investigation Sheet attached.”  The filing is made using the FCC’s electronic filing system.  The Public Notice includes a link to that system and the associated filing instructions.



FCC front view-1FCC 911 Reliability Certification System Open

The FCC announced that its 911 Reliability Certification System is now open for filing annual reliability certifications, which are due on October 15, 2019.  Covered 911 service providers should file certifications using the Commission’s online portal.  Under FCC rules, covered 911 service providers must take reasonable measures to provide reliable 911 service with respect to: (i) 911 circuit diversity; (ii) central office backup power; and (iii) diverse network monitoring.3 Covered 911 service providers must certify as to their compliance with each of these three requirements or to their implementation of reasonable alternative measures.

Covered 911 service providers are entities that provide 911, E911, or NG911 capabilities such as call routing, automatic location information (ALI), automatic number identification (ANI), or the functional equivalent of those capabilities, directly to a public safety answering point, statewide default answering point, or appropriate local emergency authority, or that operate one or more central offices that directly serve a PSAP. 





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