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The Regulatory Mix - Monday, February 5, 2018

Posted by Cory Garone

Today: Kentucky Raises Surcharge for 911, New York Broadband Expansion Program, Washington Small Cell Ordinance

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Topics: Washington, New York, Kentucky, 911 surcharges, e-911 surcharges, broadband expansion program, small cell ordinance, CAF II

The Regulatory Mix - Monday, June 19, 2017

Posted by Amy Gross

Today:  US House Gigabit Opportunity Act Introduced, Court to hear BDS Appeal announced, Iowa Revises 911 Statutes

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Topics: 911 surcharges, Gigabit Opportunity Act, US Court of Appeals Eight Circuit, BDS Appeal, Iowa Revises 911 Statutes, high-speed internet access

The Regulatory Mix - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Posted by Fran Martens

Today:  Court Remands 911 Case, Chairman Pai's statement on Charter Broadband Investment, FCC Improvements to Video Relay Service, NANPA Projection for 5XX NPA

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Topics: 911 surcharges, FCC's Pai on Broadband Investment, FCC Video Relay Service, NANPA projection for 5XX NPA

911 Fees? It's Complicated . . .

Posted by Ann-Marie Kemp

How much should you be collecting from your users for 911? Who do you send the collected fees too? How often? And can you withhold any of the collected fees to help recover your administrative costs?

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Topics: wireless, VoIP, prepaid wireless, 911 fees, 911 related funds, 911 surcharges, local wireline providers

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