A Third Bite At the Apple: Step 6 ILEC Opposition

Posted by Carey Roesel

My May 3rd blog post was entitled “Access Step 6 - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace . ..” Last week demonstrated that was a bit of an overstatement. In this business, one rarely has to forever hold their peace. Parties that had concerns about the tandem/transport portion of the Step 6 tariff filings and rate implementation took the logical next step – oppose the filings during the approval interval. CenturyLink, Level 3, and Sprint all filed petitions to reject or suspend and investigate the Step 6 tariff filings of one or more price cap ILECS.

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Topics: price cap ILECs, Home Page, Step 6 ILEC Tariffs, Step 6 ILEC Opposition, treatment of tandem/transport traffic, CLECs file date July 14, FCC Rule 51.907(g)

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