The Regulatory Mix - Friday, August 2, 2019

Posted by Cory Garone

FCC front viewFCC Establishes New Digital Opportunity Data Collection

At its Open Meeting yesterday, the FCC voted to initiate a new process for collecting fixed broadband data to better pinpoint where broadband service is lacking.  The FCC concluded that there is a compelling and immediate need to develop more granular broadband deployment data to meet this goal, and accordingly, created the new Digital Opportunity Data Collection. This new data collection that will collect geospatial broadband coverage maps from fixed broadband Internet service providers of areas where they make fixed service available. 

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Topics: robocalls, Text Messaging, Digital Opportunity Data Collection, Access 911 from MLTS, 833 Toll Free Auction

The Regulatory Mix - Monday, July 29, 2019

Posted by Amy Gross

NARUCNARUC Lifeline Resolution

At its July 2019 Summer Policy Summit, the NARUC approved a resolution  on Lifeline that urges the Federal Communications Commission to (i) work quickly and collaboratively with service providers and other stakeholders to fix the National Verifier before use of it is required in any state by (a) implementing service provider APIs, and (b) securing access to federal/state SNAP and Medicaid databases,

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Topics: Lifeline, NARUC, National Lifeline Verifier, FCC August Open Meeting, Kari’s Law/RAY BAUM’S Act, Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, Telehealth, Digital Opportunity Data Collection

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