The Regulatory Mix - Monday, July 29, 2019

Posted by Amy Gross

NARUCNARUC Lifeline Resolution

At its July 2019 Summer Policy Summit, the NARUC approved a resolution  on Lifeline that urges the Federal Communications Commission to (i) work quickly and collaboratively with service providers and other stakeholders to fix the National Verifier before use of it is required in any state by (a) implementing service provider APIs, and (b) securing access to federal/state SNAP and Medicaid databases,

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Topics: Lifeline, NARUC, National Lifeline Verifier, FCC August Open Meeting, Kari’s Law/RAY BAUM’S Act, Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, Telehealth, Digital Opportunity Data Collection

Checking In @ The FCC - The August 2019 Open Meeting

Posted by Cory Garone

when-opportunity-knocksIs Opportunity Knocking?

Chairman Pai’s theme for the August 1, 2019 meeting is “When Opportunity Knocks” and draws from various movie and television sequels in the pop culture landscape.  The focus this month will be on several items intended to close the digital divide.  The “tentpole” of this effort is a proposal to adopt the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund intended to connect millions more rural homes and small businesses to high-speed broadband networks.  The FCC wants to build on the success of the Connect America Fund Phase II reverse auction.  Another item will focus on updating the way Form 477 data is collected through the Digital Opportunity Data Collection, an all-new approach to mapping that will collect granular broadband availability maps from service providers using shapefiles.  Read More
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Topics: high-cost universal service support, caller ID spoofing, #CheckingIn@TheFCC, FCC August Open Meeting, reporting on Form 477, FCC CAF Phase II, Kari’s Law/RAY BAUM’S Act, MLTS Calls to 911, Sunsetting the Form 477

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