ETC Applications and Compliance Support

Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs) provide services in complex, tough rural areas. Companies should not be challenged by regulation and reporting requirements. TMI's experienced Consultants and Compliance staff will help manage regulatory obligations and minimize costs.

The FCC USF/ICC Transformation Order has initiated additional responsibilities, accountability, and market-driven policies to bring broadband capabilities to all Americans. Policies requiring complex, and sometimes burdensome reporting processes for providers of these services.

TMI will clarify your state and federal application requirements and work with you to determine the best course of action. Our relationships with regulatory agencies create improved efficiencies for you while we sift through the details of what reports are required and smooth the filing process on your behalf.

We will assist you with:
  • Clarifying what services are supported by Federal Universal Service mechanisms
  • Determining the services an ETC is required to provide
  • Identifying the compliance reporting requirements under Section 214 of the Federal Act
  • Clarifying ETC designation for unserved areas
  • Understanding state criteria for receiving state Universal Service support and additional requirements that may have been imposed by individual states
  • Identifying any quality of service standards that may apply
  • Understanding Connect America Fund (CAF) obligations and High-Cost Universal Service Support

Telecom Regulatory Compliance


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