State and Federal Compliance Reporting

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State and Federal Reporting

Service providers face significant administrative work. Each year you must be aware of, and potentially file, 400 – 600 plus regulatory reports and related fee documents for federal and state agencies, while ensuring that you stay current with changes to reporting requirements and applicable fees. 

Missing reports and deadlines can result in late fees, interest and even loss of certification within a state.

Inteserra’s Compliance Reporting Service can assist you with preparing, filing and tracking these reports. In addition, as a Compliance Reporting Service user, you will have access to valuable planning and budgeting tools to help predict future expenditures.

State Regulatory Compliance Reporting includes but is not limited to:

FCC Regulatory Compliance Reporting includes but is not limited to:

  • Annual Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • State CPNI Certifications
  • State TRS Fund
  • State Universal Service Fund (USF)
  • State CPNI
  • State 911
  • Annual Certifications
  • Service Quality Reports
  • CPNI
  • CVAA
  • FCC Form 477 for Broadband, VoIP, LEC, Wireless and other providers
  • FCC Form 499 A and Q
  • Reporting requirements under Section 214 of the  Federal Act

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Online Report Calendar

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  • Immediate Report Updating
  • Pre-populated corporate information, contact and certification data
  • Online Access for review, edit, and approval of filings
  • Email filing reminders alerts
  • Online access to filed reports and remittance receipts
  • Flexible, reputable working relationship with Tax Vendors
  • Expert revenue allocation advice
  • Annual flat-rate pricing
  • Based on number of jurisdictions and authorities
  • Tailored to your company’s reporting needs
  • Escrow Management for fee remittances

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Detailed, dependable service with unparalleled advantages from initial data coordination to completed report filing!

  • Continuous monitoring of State/Federal requirements for your filings
  • Online Report Calendar with immediate updating
  • Expert revenue allocation advise
  • Critical filing delivery tracking



  • Over 30 years of proven industry experience and strategic services.
  • We constantly monitor and review state and federal regulations in all jurisdictions.
  • Inteserra’s team will help you maintain a competitive advantage, ensuring you keep pace with regulatory and rate-specific developments in an ever changing regulated environment.
  • Whether your company is entering a new market or seeking an exit strategy, Inteserra provides expert guidance, due diligence and legal support.

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