Connie Wightman

Founder, CEO and Consultant

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Inteserra Consulting Group, Inc. (Formerly known as Technologies Management, Inc., 1986)

Connie balances her leadership position with her client work.  Her desire to make compliance simpler, less expensive, and more manageable motivates and informs her efforts on behalf of clients.  To this end, her focus is on helping companies grow and prosper through creative problem-solving and practical approaches to regulatory challenges. Connie believes clients can leverage their regulatory requirements to make smarter business decisions. She focuses on providing them with the tools to do just that.


Connie’s expertise spans the telecommunications life cycle: market entry; regulatory strategic planning; tactical compliance and reporting; policy formulation; and merger and acquisition implementation. She uses this experience to provide guidance to both traditional and non-traditional telecom companies in developing best compliance practices to preserve corporate value while remaining competitive. Over the years, she has helped clients evaluate regulatory initiatives, decipher impacts and articulate positions.

In 1986, Connie formed Inteserra under the name Technologies Management, Inc. At that time, competition in telecommunications was relatively unexplored. Connie initially anticipated that her Bell System experience and expert knowledge of data communications networking could be applied to help large corporate networks deploy packet switching and high capacity private line services. Instead, a group of Southern Bell large users asked her to monitor and notify them of pending state and federal regulatory changes. Newly-formed competitive companies found her resulting newsletter and tariff advisory service indispensable. Inteserra thrived along with these companies by helping them enter emerging markets and grow profitably.

Since then, Connie has guided hundreds of clients through the process of expanding telecommunications companies in an era when regulatory policies evolve more slowly than the technology and services they control. Her clients include some of the largest - and smallest - companies in the U.S., including international, local, landline, VoIP, cable, broadband and wireless entities.

Connie’s day starts before dawn caring for horses on her small farm and ends with making art with her husband, or just thinking about doing that. She is a terrible cook and eats out as often as possible.

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