Nelson Fernandez



Voice:  407-740-3004




Nelson collaborates with clients to facilitate the development and implementation of network strategies, policies, and guidelines.
Nelson Fernandez is a consultant with almost 40 years of telecommunications experience. His strengths include leadership in the development of network evolution, anticipating changing customer needs, regulatory requirements, implementing new products and services and identifying the evolution of technology and awareness capabilities of existing and future competitors. 

Nelson assists Inteserra clients with resolving operational, logistical and technical challenges to leverage his expertise to help companies obtain the best financial results:
  • COE/ISP Engineering
  • Total Quality management
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Network Planning
  • E911 and CLEC Local Interconnection
  • 251 and Expanded Interconnection (E1) Collocation
  • Account Implementation
  • Project Management


Turning information into insightsTM

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