Inteserra NG911 Project Management

NG911 Project Management

We provide dedicated professionals experienced in managing multi-faceted technical projects



Beyond Funding – The Top 12 Things to Consider When Moving Your PSAP - watch the video here

PSAP move video AK & JF


Project management for ng911 migration

  • CPE Deployments
  • Core Network Element Placements
  • Assist With Fiber Construction Oversight
  • PSAP Data Handling
  • LEC Communications
  • LEC 911 Call Transition
  • LEC SIP/SS7 Facility/Trunk Installations

“Peninsula Fiber Network had a wonderful experience working with Inteserra, through Debbie Gainor, during the preparation for the FCC 911 Reliability Certification reporting. Her insightful knowledge and extensive network within the industry, coupled with her professional work ethics, proved Debbie and Inteserra to be very valuable to us during this process. Since then, we have already utilized Debbie's support in other aspects, and are looking forward to working with the Inteserra team in the future.”

M. Koray Inal
Peninsula Fiber Network, LLC


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