Industry Registrations

Inteserra helps ETCs, VoIP, Broadband Providers and others address state and federal registration and reporting requirements

  • Clarify what services are supported by Federal Universal Service mechanisms
  • Deliver insights into state criteria for receiving Universal Service support and additional requirements imposed by individual states
  • Determine the services you are required to provide
  • Identify applicable Quality of Service standards
  • Identify compliance reporting requirements under Section 214 of the Federal Act
  • Explain ETC designation for unserved areas

Determine the best course of action for your company


Identify USF Obligations and Other Assessments

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See the Latest Regulatory Updates on our i360 Client Portal

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Telecom Regulatory Compliance Check-List for Start-Ups

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Learn about inroll Broadband/Lifeline/EBB Subscription Management System

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Through our unique combination of experienced consultants, who bring decades of relevant real-world expertise, we can help your company understand the impact of regulatory changes and provide advice when answers are not clear.

  • Market Entry to Market Exit Strategies
  • Maintain good standing across jurisdictions
  • Manage certifications and registrations
  • Dedicated team to develop your organization’s “Best Practices”



  • Over 30 years of proven industry experience and strategic services.
  • We constantly monitor and review state and federal regulations in all jurisdictions.
  • Inteserra’s team will help you maintain a competitive advantage, ensuring you keep pace with regulatory and rate-specific developments in an ever changing regulated environment.
  • Whether your company is entering a new market or seeking an exit strategy, Inteserra provides expert guidance, due diligence and legal support.

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