Tariff and Price List Management

Inteserra’s Tariffs.Net platform

Our platform can help ease administrative burdens of managing online tariff posting obligations. We manage your tariff maintenance, price list updates, archives and postings, while ensuring compliance with state agency and FCC requirements.

  • Post selected documents on the web and make them accessible to the general public
  • Automatically update changes to tariffs and price lists
  • Provide a seamless navigation experience through a single secure link that directs customers to your Tariffs.net page
  • Customize your Tariffs.net page to match your own website design.

Tariffs.Net Extranet ServiceWith the optional Tariffs.net Extranet Service, you can eliminate storage needs and clerical time by accessing your price lists, tariffs and regulatory documents online. The Tariffs.net Extranet Service enables you to store and access vital documents securely and easily, while providing quick access from any location, via the Internet. All access is password protected and can be assigned and controlled by you.


Tariff Filing Intervals & Customer Notice Requirements Guide

A detailed listing of current tariff filing time frames and associated end-user notice requirements in each state.

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Regulatory Briefing Subscription Service

This customizable,  proprietary service with push alerts enables you to keep track of rapid changes to regulation in the evolving telecommunications marketplace.

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Through our unique combination of experienced consultants, who bring decades of relevant real-world expertise, we can help your company understand the impact of regulatory changes and provide advice when answers are not clear.

  • Market Entry to Market Exit Strategies
  • Maintain good standing across jurisdictions
  • Manage certifications and registrations
  • Dedicated team to develop your organization’s “Best Practices”



  • Over 30 years of proven industry experience and strategic services.
  • We constantly monitor and review state and federal regulations in all jurisdictions.
  • Inteserra’s team will help you maintain a competitive advantage, ensuring you keep pace with regulatory and rate-specific developments in an ever changing regulated environment.
  • Whether your company is entering a new market or seeking an exit strategy, Inteserra provides expert guidance, due diligence and legal support.

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