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B.S. in Economics from Florida State University


Sharon provides her clients with the practical advice and support they need to operate successfully in a regulated industry. She assists Inteserra’s clients with a diverse range of regulatory issues and obligations, with an emphasis on:

  • Market entry and exit strategies for wireless, VoIP, CLECs, IXCs and other unique communication service providers
  • FCC Reporting, including form 499 revenue allocations, internal compliance procedures and audit responses
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence and regulatory filings
  • Tariff and price list planning and preparation for ILECs, CLECs, and IXCs
  • Mapping state and federal regulatory fees to products and services for reporting and billing
  • Developing FCC compliant CPNI policies and procedures
  • Escalated regulatory complaint tracking and response preparation


As President of Inteserra, Sharon works with the other members of the leadership team to ensure that our services continue to meet the diverse needs of our clients as the communications industry and regulation evolve.

For the first half of her nearly 40-year career in the industry, Sharon initially consulted for regulatory agencies across the U.S. and then became the Staff Director for the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. For the second half, she worked in director level roles for two competitive telecom companies before joining Inteserra as a consultant to such companies. This background gives her a unique perspective that she uses to help her clients navigate the regulatory process.

Prior to joining Inteserra in 2004, Sharon served as Director of Regulatory Affairs at Talk America Inc. where she managed the staff responsible for the company's compliance with state and federal regulations. She prepared comments before the Federal Communications Commission on various regulatory issues and was responsible for the development of a comprehensive complaint management system and of internal documentation required for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Sharon served in a similar role as Director of Regulatory and Public Policy for Advanced Telecom Group, Inc.  from 1999- 2001. She provided regulatory support to ATG's local operations in multiple states, including negotiation of interconnection agreements, legislative advocacy and participation in state regulatory proceedings. Before joining ATG, Sharon served as Director of Regulatory Operations at the Nevada Public Utilities Commission where she directed Staff in developing and presenting testimony, comments, analyses and recommendations regarding matters in the telecommunications and energy industries.

Sharon enjoys playing golf with her husband and son and hanging out with her two very sweet and sometimes hilarious dogs.
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