Sharon Warren


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Voice:  407-740-3005




Seminole State College

B.A., Business and Information Management, 2017


Sharon’s goal is for her clients to be compliant with state and federal rules without drowning in the sea of regulatory requirements. Her clients, which include CLECs, VoIP providers, Inmate Service Providers, Operator Service Providers, and wireless resellers (MVNO), rely on her to keep them up to date on all areas of rules and regulations related to their business. She also helps them expand markets by handling the various interconnection agreements, contracts and other items required for market entry. Sharon is the go-to person for removing roadblocks to network implementation plans.


Sharon’s expertise includes:

  • Network planning and implementation
  • Network cost auditing
  • Network cost savings identification
  • Telecom numbering and code administration
  • Certified AOCN administration
  • NG911 conversion of carriers’ 911 traffic to new NG911 service providers
  • Carrier interconnection negotiations
  • Project management

Sharon’s 30+ years of telecommunications experience enables her to advise clients on a variety of operational and regulatory matters. Sharon provides both strategic and operational guidance to help clients ensure they are implementing best business practices. She also has extensive experience working with VoIP providers to obtain nationwide numbering authority and procuring numbers nationwide. She is particularly adept at guiding many of the industry’s leaders in developing a strong command of the full range of federal and state regulatory issues related to Institutional Service Providers.

She also has project management experience working with carriers to convert their 911 traffic to new NG911 service providers.  She works with both CLECs and ILECs to manage the conversion process to the new carrier, ensuring all pre-conversion readiness tasks are completed on time as well as managing the actual conversion process with the carriers and the PSAP. 

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys attending live music shows, spending time with her family and exploring new locations, often on the back of a Harley Davidson!

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