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Sharon Warren joined Inteserra Consulting Group in February of 2014 as a Consultant.  Prior to joining Inteserra, Sharon served as Project Manager for S2K Consulting and as Director, Network Costs at Cleartel Communications. She provides Inteserra clients with strong project management skills, extensive experience in telecom expense management and revenue assurance, as well as network provisioning.

Previously, in her capacity with FDN Communications, Sharon excelled in a number of roles including Assistant Manager of Network Audits; Manager, Vendor Disputes; and Manager, Revenue Assurance. She exhibited strong leadership skills and was an effective manager, successfully implementing an analysis team to identify revenue leakage, clarify and ascertain potential costs savings, directly impact network optimization, and execute efficiencies in billing procedures and processes.

Inteserra’s clients benefit from Sharon’s experience and analytical abilities to maximize telecommunications regulatory compliance, pinpoint best practices for compliance implementation, distinguish financial positioning, and quantify operational efficiencies to improve network costs and minimize liability.  She works with a variety of telecommunications companies including CLECs, ILECs, VoIP, ICS, and OSP providers.

Voice:  407-740-3005


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