Intermediate Provider Registry

Effective August 13, 2019 . . .

Most carriers in a call chain will be prohibited from using an unregistered intermediate provider in the transmission of their voice communications.


Learn more about our IP Registry Monitoring and Alert Service.

Understand your providers’ status and make decisions regarding adjustments to your traffic and work with the affected carrier.

Our IP Registry contains includes a summary of Intermediate Providers and their state registration status as posted in the FCC’s IP Registry.


The “Providers” page allows users to quickly sort and identify provider specific information including:

  • Business name, business address and contacts
  • Registered States
  • No Longer Registered States

Users can add selected providers and/or states to their “favorites” list and receive email notification when changes affect that list. 

Track changes to the Registry under “updates.” Provider information can be downloaded as a PDF.

Updates may be sorted by:

    • state
    • provider
    • date
    • status description
  • IP Registration Requirements

    The Rural Call Quality and Reliability Act of 2017 requires all intermediate providers to register with the FCC and to comply with service quality standards established by the FCC.

    We will guide you through the entire registration filing process.

    • Learn relevant definition: Intermediate Provider, Covered Provider, Covered Voice Communications
    • Determine the ongoing compliance requirements
    • Investigate what the enforcement processes and outcomes may be

    From start-up to established provider, we supply each subscriber with useful, dependable, information that is easily understood and implemented.

    • Dedicated team monitors all jurisdictions for rate /regulatory changes
    • Web based solutions with customizable features to fit your individual needs
    • Generate reports for your executive team, market plans and product strategies
    • Customized, targeted research



    • Over 30 years of proven industry experience and strategic services.
    • We constantly monitor and review state and federal regulations in all jurisdictions.
    • Inteserra’s team will help you maintain a competitive advantage, ensuring you keep pace with regulatory and rate-specific developments in an ever changing regulated environment.
    • Whether your company is entering a new market or seeking an exit strategy, Inteserra provides expert guidance, due diligence and legal support.

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