Tariff Filing Intervals Guide

Tariff Filing
Intervals Guide

Manage your product rollouts

Knowing the tariff filing intervals and customer notice requirements for each of your operating states is an important part of your marketing and regulatory planning. Inteserra’s Tariff Filing Intervals and Customer Notice Requirements spreadsheet enables you to strategically manage your product rollouts and not be caught off guard by requirements for notifying customers of changes.

For use by IXCs, CLECs, VoIP, OSPs, wireless providers and ILECs, the spreadsheet offers state-by-state information filing requirements for:


Changes to Text,
Terms and Conditions,
and Rates


Customer Notices, including
time frames and methods
of implementation


New service offerings
and promotions


Inteserra has created this publication as a resource to support regulatory managers, marketing personnel, and other staff who have responsibilities regarding product roll-out and market expansion.

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