Telecom Product Monitoring Service

TMI offers an alternative to the difficult and expensive task of using online tariff services to identify the latest changes in competitors’ rates.

If you are spending too much time researching multiple online tariffs and service guides for the rate changes in competitor offerings, TMI’s Telecom Product Monitoring Service is for you!

TMI’s Telecom Product Monitoring Service provides a customized weekly review of tariff revisions for products you 


  • Receive notification of the newest long distance residential and business plans offered by the major carriers or track specific pricing plans
  • Understand the rates and regulatory fees and track their costs
  • Monitor ILEC Special Access rates and FCC contract tariffs
  • ILEC 911 and E911 Emergency Services
  • Other Competitive Carrier Products



  • CLECs
  • IXCs
  • OSPs
This service is critical to help you keep your competitive edge.


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