CAF II Broadband Mapping

Considering bidding in the upcoming FCC CAF II Auction?       

        Submitting a bid for Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II can be a costly endeavor with no guaranteed outcome.

Are you relying on the FCC's CAF II Map to help prepare your bid? No discreet block info to help you can be found there.


We have a better option for you - TMI's Preliminary CAF II Auction Map

See the high powered features and functions of this tool. Explore how we can help you determine what your opportunities may be. Watch our 5 minute video below!


  • Submit a more informed bid
  • Identify potential ROI of selected Block units
  • Save time and research dollars before you submit a bid

You will see details you won't get in the FCC Map such as  . . .

  1. Annual model support $$ per Block (illustrative annual support model amount)
  2. Individual, discreet Block details
  3. Clearly defined status of Blocks and eligible Blocks
  4. Easily identified extremely high-cost Blocks
  5. 2010 housing and population info display
  6. Google and Bing street and satellite view overlay to identify important Block features
  7. Find which Blocks comprise important Block Groups (or tracts) for bidding






Utilize TMI Service to get more from your 477 data!

See our Blog "Mining Gold From Your FCC Form 477 Data," dated 9/16/15.
  • For Sales and Network Planning . . . Overlay your company's service areas or customer base with ILEC territories. 
  • For Customer Loss Reports . . . Provide a list of terminated accounts twice a year. 
  • Incorporating Demographic or Economic Data into Forecasts and Plans . . . Filers of Form 477 reports map customer locations and service areas to census tracts and blocks.

Would you like to see more about TMI's 477 Broadband Reporting and GIS Subscription Service? Click Here.


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