Technologies Management Inc is now Inteserra


We changed our name but not our service

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Brands are crucial assets. Our brand takes on the role of a bridge - communicating our company’s spirit, character and purpose to both stakeholders and clients. Over the last 30 years, Technologies Management, Inc. (“TMI”) has established a heritage of excellence and leadership in telecommunications regulatory compliance, reporting and advisory services.

We are proud to introduce our new company name – Inteserra Consulting Group. Inteserra is a derivative of two words infused to create our unique name. “Inter”, meaning among, between, in the midst of, and “tessera,” meaning the small materials used in the construction of a larger mosaic in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Inteserra is the bringing together of disparate data sources, institutional knowledge, marketplace acuity and regulatory information in our unique way that turns insights into opportunities for our clients. This name change reflects both the evolution of the company and our increasingly diversified business strategy that echoes the convergence of telecommunications, broadband, and wireless technologies. To be clear, the company’s ownership and staff have not changed.

As the marketplace and technology have shifted the topography of our industry, we decided to define our brand not just by our historical success but by the opportunities that lay ahead. We see providers who are now partners and networks which are now differentiators. Our goal throughout this rebranding process has been to establish our new brand in a way that galvanizes a wide range of client confidence and ignites an excitement for our people, vision and services.

As we look forward, we understand the evolution of the TMI and Inteserra brands is a significant development for our company and its competitive positioning in the evolving telecommunications, broadband and regulatory environment. By focusing our efforts on a unified brand, we will be able to maximize the formidable potential inherent in both brands through distinctive, consistent and far-reaching operational excellence.

You are a significant part of this transition. I personally want to thank you for participating in this exciting chapter in the history of our company.


Connie Wightman

CEO and Consultant




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