Thomas m. Forte

Director of Business  Development

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Voice:  407-740-3001




Waynesburg College

B.A., 1980

Tom brings his broad experience in telecommunications to help clients reduce costs and get projects completed efficiently by orchestrating a team approach to meet client objectives. Simply put, he helps clients be more profitable by getting product changes to market faster. He is also adept at solving client problems with a combination of off-the-shelf and customized tools for pricing and tariff development. This works especially to the benefit of large, complex companies who have grown through merger and acquisition. Managing rate changes across multiple projects, affiliates and jurisdictions is his strength.


Tom has guided hundreds of Inteserra clients through nationwide certification as IXCs, CLECs, and VoIP providers. He has been instrumental in the development of key Inteserra Information Resources, including the Switched Access Study and Rates Database.

Tom represents Inteserra at industry trade shows and attends client events.  He leverages his 25 years of experience to engineer a network of key industry partners on which Inteserra clients can rely. As one of the first internal points of contact for new clients, he matches their needs with the corresponding skills and services within Inteserra.

Prior to joining Inteserra, Tom spent eleven years with ALLTEL (now known as Windstream). At ALLTEL, Tom served as a Senior Engineer in Network Planning, Plant Supervisor, Staff Manager-Budgets, Tariffs/Cost of Service Supervisor as well as in various sales and marketing positions.

Tom’s personal interests include a special passion for helping others. He is a sponsor of an entrepreneurship program for young adults with Downs Syndrome. He also is also a 10 year volunteer at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, has coached football, golf and baseball and at one time was a scratch golfer.  

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