TMI's 477 Voice and Broadband Reporting Service

TMI's competitively priced 477 Voice Broadband Reporting service will provide you with the tools to manage your 477 reporting challenges. We provide simplified, accurate, Form 477 Broadband Reporting Services.

The FCC requires voice and facilities-based Broadband Service Providers to file subscriber information by US Census Tract on its Form 477-Local Competition, Voice, VoIP, and Broadband Reporting, due by March 1st and September 1st of each year.

TMI has developed reporting efficiencies for you, so you can focus your time on your company's growth and market opportunities.

  • Reduce costs and avoid late fees or penalties for 477 data filing errors.

  • We process, summarize, and return electronic files, ready to submit to the FCC.

  • We help you optimize the productivity of your in-house staff.

  • We enable you to calendar, track, and meet your filing deadlines.

  • We help you avoid fees and fines while recognizing significant savings over other 477 reporting services.

  • We facilitate all the required steps of the process for you.

  • We help clients make sense of their 477 data results and provide useful insights into their business.

  • Our Compliance Reporting specialists will even file the data on your behalf, if you select that option.

Special $1,400* Bonus for new 477 clients!

Receive TWO FREE MONTHS of TMI briefing services for the FCC and your entire state regulatory footprint!

*Estimated retail value of TMI Briefings.

Geocoding and Census Tract & Block Lookups

Get to market faster and determine expansion plans. Easily identify service areas or areas of customer concentration for your network and market development plans. Given a street address, our systems will determine a location’s applicable county, census tract and census block for reporting or verification purposes. Geocoding of addresses (finding a location’s longitude and latitude coordinates) allows TMI to plot your customer locations on maps for easy visualization of service areas or customer concentrations.

TMI GIS Service Subscriptions

Available on a month-to-month, 6 month or 12 month subscription basis. Paid subscriptions include the following maps:

  • FCC ILEC Lookup Tool and Study Area Boundaries Map

  • Connect America Fund Phase II (CAFII) Competitive Auction Block Map

* We will also customize and overlay your individual company data, including FCC Form 477 results for an additional fee.

* Census Geography Map showing all states, counties, tracts and blocks for the entire United States for an additional fee.

Service Area issues? TMI's GIS mapping capabilities and staff provided assistance for the challenge illustrated in the case study below.

Technologies Management, Inc. (“TMI”) recently assisted one of our valued 477 customers in handling an issue with the FCC that had the potential to severely impact their revenue. The FCC notified our client that their service area had been identified as having 100% Service Territory Overlap. This overlap occurs where unsubsidized competitors offer voice and broadband services that meet the Commission’s service criteria throughout the study area of an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC).

TMI provided a two-pronged approach to support our client by using our understanding of their service area and customer base. First, we enhanced their 477 processing by mapping their customers’ service locations and comparing them to the overlap map provided by the FCC. Second, we scrutinized the competitor’s deployment data to provide our client with potential locations where service areas were overstated. This way, we gave our client the tools to dispute the 100% overlap and maintain their subsidies.

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