VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements

Quickly determine if registration requirements apply in any state, locate completed policy decisions, and what related 911, USF, TRS or other funds are applicable to interconnected VoIP.

TMI’s VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication will handily show you where your obligations are and provide you with detailed back up data regarding what policies are in effect that will impact interconnected VoIP providers. We even provide you with contribution amounts where applicable.

Whether currently providing VoIP services or considering utilizing VoIP options in your business plan to open new markets, you must keep advised of state and federal proceedings that may impact your plans. Support documents are included and over 100 detailed TMI Regulatory Bulletins.

Our VoIP Requirements publication helps you with:

  • Tracking and monitoring VoIP policy developments at the FCC
  • Determining if a state requires registration or certification
  • Finding what 9-1-1 fee obligations exist
  • Identifying USF contribution levels
  • Recognizing Telecom Relay Service (TRS) compliance requirements

Access to important support documents and other valuable information contained in the VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements publication includes over 100 detailed TMI Regulatory Briefings.


You have thought that VoIP services are exempt from regulation. Not true! The FCC and states do require forms to be completed when a provider offers VoIP services.

Check out TelecomReseller's podcast about VoIP Regulation from #INCOMPAS16 with TMI's Tom Forte.

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